Luxury Interiors

No matter the weather, if it cold, windy or snowing, relax inside, stand barefoot on the oak flooring and feel the benefits of the underfloor heating relaxing your feet, make yourself a hot chocolate in the fully fitted kitchen, or take a bottle of prosecco from the wine cooler and pop the cork, curl up on the snuggle sofa and wrap yourself up in the teddy bear throw, hop on to the Wi-Fi or switch on the smart tv and watch your favourite movie.

Take a power shower and then dry yourself off on the Egyptian cotton bath sheets, slip into the super king size bed and snuggle down into the luxury bedding, grab the binoculars and star gaze.

On a clear night in a rural retreat such as Treeopia, with no light pollution you can usually see about 3,000 stars with the naked eye, with a modest pair of binoculars around 100,000 stars so get under the Canopy and watch the stars.