COVID 19 Updates

Covid-19 and other infectious or contagious disease and viruses

If you or anybody you regularly come in contact with are experiencing a dry cough, fever or have been anywhere where it is likely that you have come into contact with someone who has COVID-19 or any other infectious or contagious disease and viruses then please contact us immediately so we can transfer your booking, do not travel.

Should you develop symptoms during your stay at Treeopia, then guests will expect to pay for additional stays if they cannot return home and compensation will be added for transferring all following bookings.

If you are safe to travel and out of any lockdown areas, then please try and plan your journey

  • Take a packed lunch if your journey is quite lengthy to avoid stopping at any services
  • Try and drive from your home straight to us, to avoid un-necessary contact with others
  • Order your online shop well in advance to be delivered on your arrival date or do a shop in your local town.